About The Collection: In keeping with the bohemian aesthetic, ROF's Fall/Harmattan 2013 ready-to-wear collection is unique, mildly eccentric, and a modern take on 'new-generation' gypsy chic. With a fine mixture of lightly layered colors, prints, lavishly hand-dyed fabrics, and hints of decadence such as delicate hand-beaded collars, this eclectic collection provides an intricate lesson in diversity. It blends wonderfully draped dresses and bold basket-weave jackets, with loose-fitted ensembles to create an overall easy-going and relaxed appearance. This unique style derives from the reference to multiple layers, patterns, and head-to-toe covered clothing that gypsies have been known to wear. This collection revisits themes of the past and entices consumers to engage in a more realistically intimate connection with fashion. Pieces are wearable, interchangeable and are investment pieces that will last a lifetime.=46rom flowing fabrics to expressive visual patterns (tie-dye poly-silks and 'heartstrings' on print chiffon), this striking collection marries simplicity, movement, and flow with a playful sense of spirit and a carefree aesthetic for the contemporary woman.

We were inspired by a atypical sense of 'romance' in this collection. We are living in an era where we must think more intelligently about the end result of our actions--be it in our romantic relationships or in our material romance with consumption. Thus, our focus was on wearable and interchangeable pieces that are stylish, well-made, and will last a lifetime.

The Inspiration: The Jewel of the Nile (1985), Gypsies, 18th Century Japanese Art (Ito Jakuchu's silk scrolls of The Colorful Realm of Living Beings), and modern Nigerian Poetry (Adeshina Olusanya's Heartstrings).

The Look: New generation gypsy-chic. A mix of chiffon and faux-silk day and evening wear pieces (enumerable maxi dresses, oversized jumpsuits, billowing pants) and fluidly draped blouses, skirts and a flash of contemporary menswear in hand-dyed tie-dye prints. Colors include indigo, burnt red, coffee brown, and processed blacks and off-whites.


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